Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well last night sucked.. River had a bad night.

He wouldn't go to sleep.. ended up not going to bed until 10. Then he woke up around 11 screaming hysteracially and gagging and choking, turning dark red etc.. at one point I turned him on his belly and was patting him on the back pretty hard.. when I turned him back over (after he'd taken a breath and let out a scream) he had clear liquid (like saliva) running from his mouth and nose and then started choking again. I freaked out.. took him to Orange Park Medical.. which I shouldn't have because they don't do shit. The triage took 20 minutes to get his vitals. 20 minutes!!! By then he had calmed down immensely and was perfectly fine. We went through the ER anyway and the doctor said that it was probably saliva swallowed wrong in his sleep and it scared him. Said that if the baby had been blue and flaccid then we should worry but if he's red and making noise not to worry (easier said than done when he's scarlet from not being able to catch his breath). Said it might also be GERD (acid reflux) same thing he had from 0-3 months that he just stopped taking Zantac for about a month ago. BLAH!!!

So we get home and he has passed out basically so I put him down and went to bed.. an hour and a half later (3:30) he wakes up crying.. I let him for about 10 minutes then go in there. He was basically still asleep but had somehow rolled over onto his back and woke himself up... I rolled him back over and patted his back for a few minutes and he fell back asleep. 7am he decides he is done sleeping.. he seems perfectly fine today.. *shrug* I wonder if that waking up means his teeth are getting ready to come through. A friend of mine has a son about the same age as River and her son did basically the same thing a few days before his first tooth came through.

Yeah so I'm exaughsted. Would love to go to sleep.. now if I can convince my 4 month old that HE would love to go to sleep it would be all good. LOL