Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, April 10, 2006

So we went back to the pediatrician this morning to discuss the weekend on formula and how he did with it... told her that he seemed better Saturday and then was right back to demon mode on Sunday and she said it could take up to 6 weeks for the allergen to completely leave his system. She said she wanted to keep him on Nutrimagen until he hits 4 months and then try something else. So I told her that I had read up on it and had found that if I cut dairy out my diet I can continue to breast feed. She seemed surprised that I had done the research and said that that was true but that they usually don't tell parents about it because moms cant' usually stick tot he diet and then they feel guilty etc.. but she said that I definately seemed determined so that if I wanted to wait until I hadn't had dairy for 5 days and then reintroduce him to the boob I could.. I told her I hadn't had any dairy since Wednesday so all systems go until he shows symptoms of not being able to handle it.

I told her that I'm not making enough milk and she said that other than relaxing, feeding more often, and more fluids.. there wasn't anything that I could do to increase it.. which I KNOW isn't true but whatever. I'll nurse more often and supplement with the Nutrimagen if I have to until my supply comes back up.

She filled out a request form for WIC so that we can get the formula covered by them.. because it's specific brand that he needs and not the one normally covered, there has to be a special form. On the form she had to put his birth weight and his current weight.. she writes down 7 lbs 4 oz.. I said WHAT?? that's not right.. the hospital told us his birth weight was 7 lbs 7.4 oz..so she goes back and pulls up the hospital paper work and does the conversion from the kilos that it automatically comes in.. nope.. 7 lbs 5 oz.. the idiots at the hospital told us the wrong birth weight for my son.. GRRRRRRR yes I know 2 oz isn't a big deal but on something like your baby's birth weight.. it is.. at least to me. Then she says that he is at 11 lbs 11 oz... explained that the scales comes back like 11.8 which doesn't mean 11 lbs 8 oz it means 11 lbs and 8/10's of a pound then you have to convert it.. what a pain in the ass.. so his weight currently is 11 lbs 11 oz which means from his REAL birth weight he has gained 4 lbs 6 oz to date.. AND that he has slowed down significantly on his weight gain which is good..she admitted to us that his weight gain had been a little high for a few weeks but that she thought it was probably because he was nursing constantly because his tummy was hurting.. poor baby..

So we have to go back next Monday for his 2 month well baby visit... and his first round of immunizations.. *sigh* We're gonna go get his pictures done sometime this week I hope.

Doug called around today to a few Security Guard companies to see if anyone had any part-time jobs in Orange Park.. US Security.. which is the same company he worked for in Tennessee has a post here.. As long as his background check coems back good when we turn his application in tomorrow he'll work Thursday and Friday 11pm to 7 am and Sunday from 5:30pm until 6:30am.. it'll be 29 hours.. that should be enough money to pay bills, play some, and save money.. will be nice.. and I know he's eager to get back to work.