Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Thursday, April 6, 2006

Had an appointment this morning with the pediatrician to see how his ears were and to see how the Zantac is working. His ears look great. We told her about how the Zantac stopped working and how we ended up in the ER on Saturday and the increase in dosage.. she said that is WAY too much Zantac and that he should be getting no more than 2.0 ml in a 24 hour period.. so she told us to make sure we stick to that or we could overdose him. She said that if he is still having the crying fits (which he is even with the really high doses of Zantac) then she thinks that he might have the milk protein allergy after all and wants us to try him on a formula called Nutrimagen for the weekend.. absolutely NO breastmilk *sigh* and see if his behavior improves after 48 hours. We go back in on Monday. She said that there is a chance he MIGHT not have it after all but that she thinks he does.. and again if he does.. no more breast feeding.

River HATES the bottles.. it takes 25 minutes to get him to take 4 oz because he won't latch on and he'll get pissed. She said he should only be eating 4 oz at a feeding but if he's still hungry afterward to go ahead and give him another 2 oz if he'll take it.. 4- 4 1/2 seems to be working. If he does have to be on formula WIC will be able to cover the brand she says as long as she writes a note to them saying he needs it because of how expensive it is.. if this formula doesn't work, he'll be put on a prescription formula that she says she's never seen a baby reject.

I am really really trying not to get depressed over this.. it's not working but I'm trying. I wanted to breast feed him so badly. She said that 7 weeks is great and I know it is but I wanted more.. I loved the bond.. *sigh*

River's up.. I'll write more later.