Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I went this morning for the results of my coposcopy.. it came back negative for cervical cancer.. WOOO HOOO. They said that I do have HPV 16 which is a strand of the virus that does lead to cervical cancer of it goes untreated so I have to come back in October for another papsmear and every 6 months there after until I have 3 clear paps and then it'll go back to a year apart. They prescribed me Premarin for some side effects that I'm having from the depo shot.. stupid shot.. I go back the end of May for the next shot.

Put a call into the pediatrician today as well.. ever since we put River on the Nutrimagen he has been spiting up after every meal.. it started out just a real little bit and now he is spitting up 2-3 times after his bottle and it's a pretty big amount each time. The secretary called back and said the doctor wants to send him to GI specialist for an Upper and Lower GI work up ASAP.. she's supposed to be calling back with the appointment time.

He really is doing much better.. the crying is almost non existant anymore.. other than normal baby crying because he's tired or wet or hungry etc.. he goes to sleep between 7:15-7:45 every night and sleeps until 7:45-8am the next morning. The last 3 nights however he wakes up screaming about 1-2 hours after he goes to bed.. is up for about 30 minutes and then goes back to sleep for the night.. no idea what that's about.

Doug started work last night.. he said it was okay.. boring.. he basically doesn't do much but sit there and make sure that the construction workers and painters etc don't steal anything when they leave for the day otherwise he reads or whatever.


ASAP for his GI work up apparently means June 15th at 1pm.. almost 2 months away.. what crap.. He is spitting up/throwing up at every bottle now.. I burp him every 1-2 oz and he spits up every time I burp him.. I smell like baby barf. So we ditch the crying for throwing up.. *sigh* can't I have a happy AND healthy kid?? The throwing up doesn't seem to bother him any though.. I'm just worried about him losing weight or not gaining weight because of it. *sigh* Maybe he is sick? when we went to my SIL for the weekend we were told that my neice was having problems with her sinuses but I was assured she was NOT sick.. we get home and River starts with waking up after being put to bed. His spitting up got worse and his appetite has decreased. We're going to give it another day and see how he is.. if he has a repeat performance of today and the last 2 days we're going to call the pediatrician and demand that she either see him, get him into the GI quicker or refer him to Wolfsons so it can be done quicker.. BLAH

He is going to be advanced in his development but he is going to be a PITA medically.. Has my hair turned gray yet???