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Cheli On Friday, April 11, 2008
WE'RE HOME!!!!!!!!
OK so they gave him pedialyte 2 nights ago to try and get him back to eating since he was acting more like himself and was pissed because he was hungry. He sucked down the pedialyte and then proceeded to puke it all up. They put an NG tube down his nose to try and suck some of the air and what not from his belly. 2 hours later they tried an oz of water... threw that up.. more suctioning with the NG tube. 2 hours later they let me try 15ccs of breastmilk. He kept it down and was PISSED that there wasn't more. So every 2 hours they let us give him another 15 cc of breast milk and he kept it all down. At 6 am yesterday they told me that I could try and nurse him (finally) and see how he did with it. He was a HAPPY boy after that.. he nursed himself into obilivion and never spit up a drop. The NP actually laughed when doing rounds that morning and telling the doctors that the only thing he didn't spit up or gag on was the breast milk :) My boy knew what he wanted LOL
They did a repeat echo of his heart yesterday to get a "baseline" gradient to send over to his cardiologist here so that we can monitor it and see if goes back up any with his future echos. His baseline gradient is 32. A normal heart has a gradient of 20 or below. So even with the catherization he is still considered mild/moderate pulmonary valve stenosis. As long as his gradient stays under 40 they won't have to do anything. If it goes back up over 40 they will probably send him back to Gainesville for another catherization. If that happens then they will watch him closely again to make sure it stays down. If it were to go back up a 2nd time (any time in the future), it's a 2 strikes your out type thing with the catherization and they would not attempt to do a 3rd. At that point they would want to have him get a valve replacement (open heart surgery). As of right now he is now on any medications but the doctor said that pretty much that will change eventually we just don't know when and that realistically sometime in his life he will have to undergo open heart surgery for a valve replacement. For a reference.. his gradient before the surgery was 80.
His hematicrit level stayed at 30 all through that night. Which is good that it wasn't going down but they really wanted to see it go up which meant that his body was starting to make it's own red blood cells. They did the last draw for his levels at noon, through a foot stick because his central line stopped working @@ and his level was up to 34 :) So they decided since he was eating well, blood looked good, heart looked good, he could come home yesterday WOOOT! So we got released about 3pm and got home about 4:45.
River pretty much acted like we'd never left LOL so I guess he adjusted fine. His lip looks horrible from where he fell while we were gone but his teeth all look fine. Apparently they were afraid he's actually knocked one of his front teeth loose but I put my finger in there yesterday and nothing wiggled.
I went to bed at 10pm and didn't get up until 10am *minus feeding Journey of course* I feel much better today.