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Cheli On Friday, April 18, 2008
Journey had his follow up with the cardiologist today.
He is 11 lbs 1 oz (which is a 3 oz gain in 2 days LOL) and 22 inches long. The nurse measured him twice because she said there was NO way he had grown that much in the month since they had seen him. He was 51 cm when he was last seen and now he's 55cm (2 inch growth). So yeah they are pleased as hell that he's growing so well.
Cardiologist came in and listened to his heart and said he can still hear the murmur pretty well so let's get another echo done. Which he was going to do anyway to get a baseline gradient number on his heart for their records. Well the baseline the hospital gave us when we left was 32 (down from 80). Today his gradient level was 20! WOOOOT. Which the doctor said is a mild case of pulmonary valve stenosis. He said he has very little back flow/leakage at the valve which is AWESOME. He couldn't be happier with the results of the surgery.
He is glad that I got a list of all of the medications he was given during the surgery because his reaction was very abnormal. He said that he needs to take the antibiotics before any procedures but not for life just for the next 6 months really. He wants to see him back in 4 months (August 9th) for his next echo. But he has high hopes that it will continue to stay the same or possibly keep correcting itself. YAY!!!!