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Cheli On Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OK let me see if I can update with out turning this into a novel...

CT scan last night came back normal. He has had no more breathing problems other than the fact that his respirations keep slowing down to abnormally slow levels and then speeding back up. The latest problem is that his hematicrit level is dropping. It's supposed to be a least 40 for a baby his size and age, when he was admitted yesterday his level was 28. Already low.. well every 4 hours since then it's gone down. This morning his level was 20. Too low. So they are going to give him a blood transfusion here in another hour to try and help out. They are also going to do an abdomenal ultrasound to see if there is anything going on in his abdomen (read: internal bleeding). And they are going to do an MRI of his brain because he still isn't acting quite right and his pupils went from sluggish to react then to a normal reaction time and this morning they are back to sluggish. *sigh* We just keep hearing a lot of "we have no idea what's causing this" but he is stable, he's not in any immediate danger so that's a good thing. They are going to give him another round of Lasix this morning to help pull more fluid off of him since he'll be given fluids with the blood transfusion. He is no longer on the Narcan and is still holding steady. They said they should be able to take the pressure dressing off of his right leg today but he still has the central line which will stay in his left leg until he is ready to leave and a catheter. He is sooo bruised for all the places he's been stuck and I still haven't been allowed to hold him let alone nurse him. I am MISERABLE. I slept about 30 minutes last night, I let Doug get some sleep instead. So that's where we stand right now, hopefully we'll know more after the testing. I'll update later.