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Cheli On Thursday, April 10, 2008

Didn't have much of a chance to update today (yesterday?) so I'm doing it now.

He did end up getting the transfusion of red blood cells because at his lowest his hematacrit dropped down to 18. After the transfusion of one unit of blood it was up to 30 and when they checked his blood gas levels and hematicrit later it was still holding at 30 which is good but not great. They really want to see his numbers start to climb on their own because that shows them that he is taking over responsibility of making blood cells. They ended up waiting on the MRI for now because the MRI people said that he will have to be sedated for it and no one is comfortable sedating him right now until he is more stable. They ran a battery of tests today, abdomenal ultrasound, quick echo, abdomenal xray to try and figure out where the hematicrit is going... everything came back normal so we still don't know.

They tried to allow him to eat yesterday, he inhaled 2 oz of pedilyte and then puked 4 times directly afterwards. So they had to put an NG tube down his nose into his belly and hook it up to suction to try and get some of the air that is in his belly from being intubated out. After a few hours they tried to give him an oz of water just to see how he did with it.. again he puked so he was hooked back up to the suction and left that way for a few hours. This evening they let us try some expressed breast milk (only half an oz) and he held it down. He's since then had 2 more feedings of half an oz a piece and has held both down. He was sleeping with Doug in the sleeper chair when I left them. They are watching his O2 stats closely because while he's resting his O2 stats keep dropping down to 88-90 and he should be stating at about 98-100 at all times. So they are going to watch him. Sometime tomorrow we're going to get an indepth echo done to check the gradient of the valve and make sure that the catherization still looks successful etc..

Other than that we're not really sure when we'll be coming home now. They said that they won't be releasing him tomorrow *today?* unless he drastically improves tonight and I don't think he really has so more than likely we're looking at at least Friday for a release date.

I'm ready to go home. I miss my River.. We got a call from Linda today stating that the daycare called her and told her the River fell on the playground and either chipped/cracked his tooth and busted his mouth. My poor little man. I miss him so much. I want to be home. I want to put this behind us.

I came down to the Ronald McDonald family room hoping to be able to sleep but there are people in the sleep chairs so there is no where for me to lay down. This sucks. I've got about 3 hours of sleep since Tuesday morning.