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Cheli On Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I have a minute while they are getting him transferred to the floor because I wasn't allowed to go with him.

He stopped breathing when he was in recovery. They think that it was because of the narcotics but really don't know because it'd been longer than the window that they would have expected a reaction like that. The nurse was getting ready to hand him to me to nurse him and was explaining about his pressure dressing and he went to cry and kinda turned dark like babies do in that moment before they take a breath and start screaming only he didn't take a breath.. he just went limp and then didn't start breathing again after he passed out. So they called the recovery team, asked for a bag to start breathing for him and gave him a drug called Narcan which basically counteracts all the pain meds in his system. As soon as the Narcan was pushed through his line he started breathing again. Then an hour later he stopped breathing again so they gave him another dose of Narcan and he started back breathing again. 30 minutes later he started to go gray again and his oxygen levels dropped into the 60% so they gave him a 3rd dose of Narcan and decided that it was time to send him to the PICU *Pediatric Intensive Care Unit* to be monitored. They also gave him a respiratory medication with a steroid and some epinephine in it to try and ease any swelling in his throat that might be blocking him from breathing right. His heart rate keep dropping into the 70s every time he calms down so they are concerned about that as well. They have tried to get a blood oxygen level done through blood and some labs to check for liver function as they think there might be something going on with his liver to make it so that the meds aren't being metabolized. But after sticking him 5 times they only got one sample and that took so long for them to get it that it had clotted and was useless. *sigh* So I don't know what's next. They are getting him set up in the PICU now and will monitor him tonight. They are still talking like we'll be able to come home tomorrow but who knows.

The surgery itself went great once it got going. His heart is already working a ton better they said. He'll get another echo done tomorrow to check the gradient and valve again and hopefully we'll be able to head home. I'll try and update again later once we know more

Please keep him in your thoughts/prayers...