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Cheli On Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm writing from the hospital computer that they have for Ronald McDonald House Guests and PICU family members.

Journey is in surgery right now. They ended up not taking him back until 8:30am @@ He was LESS than thrilled about the whole mess (mostly because it'd been almost 5 hours since he'd eaten and he was starving). We were given a pager for when they have updates and the nurse practitioner is going to come out and give us updates about once an hour.

We got to Gainesville yesterday and went to straight to the cardiology lab for another echo *his heart has gotten a little worse yet again according to the echo* and he was weighed *10 lbs 11 oz* WOOO HOOO and 21 inches long. YAY! The doctor went over all the risks with us and told us more about his condition. Apparently he WILL have take antibiotics before any medical proceedures now. He will still be able to do anything he wants as far as activities though. And eventually he will need a valve replacement, whether that is in the next 10 years or 20 or 30 years from now we don't really know. He'll see the cardiogist for follow ups for a while once a month and then they'll start to space out again.

After the cardiology clinic we went to the radiology department for a chest xray to make sure that everything was okay with his heart other than the valve. Then we went to talk to anthesiologist about their part in todays surgery etc. Finally at 6 we were able to go find out if we could go to Ronald McDonald House (we were able to). He'll be kept for at least tonight and released tomorrow as long as there are no problems. I'll try and update more later.