Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I finally got a call back from the mental health clinic... I go in for an orientation (general information about the clinic etc... ) on Tuesday at 10am and then I go back for my evaluation appointment on May 31st at 9am. When I go for the evaluation appointment they will set a game plan and the gentleman that I talked to said that because my bi-polar had previously been treated/maintained with medications that it would probably be a part of this plan too (Thank the Gods) but that that department sees about 1000 patients so there will probably be about a 30-45 day wait :(

Doug is going to see about getting switched to days or overnights so that we are both here in the evenings when River seems to hit demon baby mode. He is teething horribly and he's miserable and he lets the whole city know it with as loud as he cries :( Nothing seems to help.. other than the motrin but he can only have it once every 6 hours and it wears off after 3.. I tried to alternate with Tylonel but it doesn't help at all so I stopped. My poor baby.

We have also started looking into daycare for when I start school in July.. OMG is it expensive.. most of the places are about 120-160 full time a week.. we were going to try and move Doug's schedule so they baby would only need to be in daycare a few days a week but it doesn't seem like that would really save us too much money yet.. I'm going to call a local nanny/aupair service place that they have here and see what their rates are per diem or even per hour.. we might go that route.

River rolled over from his back to his belly yesterday!! WOO HOOO.. he only did it once though so I don't know if it was a fluke or if he actually did it. *shrug* He used to roll from his belly to his back and now he only does it occasionally.. I think he got bored with it. LOL He is finding his voice and getting much more vocal.. smiles alot (in the mornings anyway).. he giggles but we haven't gotten one of those wonderful belly laughs yet but he's trying to figure it out.. he smiles really wide and makes a really throaty noise but can't quite make the laugh appear.. hehe.