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Cheli On Saturday, July 29, 2006

YAY!!!!! It's the weekend!!! I love the weekends!

I have to study alot this weekend though. First final on Monday. Math starts Tuesday (what a joke that is.. they actually had a homework problem in Chapter one that was 7+6), and lots of A&P homework to do plus a midterm on Tuesday. WOO HOOO. Moving right along :) I should find out Monday what my final grade for Fundamentals 101 was. The final is 50% of our final grade.. no pressure LOL

River is doing great.. we had to put up the baby gate yesterday for the first time and he was none to thrilled about being stuck on one side of it.. nevermind the fact that he has the ENTIRE living room and his bedroom to play in.. he wanted on the otherside of that gate.. so we put him on the other side of the gate and he just stayed still because he had no idea what to do :)

He can finally keep himself in a sitting position.. can't quite pull himself into one yet but he's getting there :) Here is a picture for you all :)

And a bonus picture just because I think it's so damn cute LOL