Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tired... so tired...

Fundamentals 101 is almost over.. Final on Monday.

Started Anatomy and Physiology this past Monday.. I hate it.. hate it with a passion. 2 chapters every day Until the final on August 11th.

We start Algebra next Tuesday.. fun fun..

We have a test tomorrow in BOTH classes.. YAY *sigh*

Everything else is pretty good.. River is all over the place and back again.. Doug is working alot.. they changed his shift on him with no notice so now we are scrambling to find him something else because our shifts don't mesh well right now and we don't see each other Monday through Friday.

I feel cut off from EVERYONE. Haven't talked to Sarah since Ummmm.. too long. Haven't talked to K in a while either.. I miss conversation with friends but I have NO time anymore. SUCKS!

My grandmother called me and told me she is going to buy River the Britax carseat we wanted. It's a convertible carseat which means it can face forward and backward depending on the kids needs. It hold kids from 5 lbs up to 65 lbs. And best of all he'll be able to sit in a more upright position.. Thank Goddess because he absolutely hates the carrier.

Already starting to hear crap from the others on how they never get any time.. blah blah. Someone came out at school earlier today when we were trying to study.. I think it was Analise? not sure.. saw the text and banged her head against the desk (because that's an effective way to get back inside). Ended up with a headache.. stupid girl. So of course she disappears back inside and leaves me with a headache and the school work.. this feels ALOT like high school only more work.. LOL