Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Thursday, July 6, 2006

The 4th was nice :) We went to a local elderly complex where they were holding a big festival thing on the water. We went around 1 and watched a parade. River was amused by the sights but wasn't too sure about the police and fire truck sirens.. Doug was impressed by the candy people threw and chased after it like the 5 year old next to us LOL After the parade was over everyone turned around and looked into the sky over the river just in time to see Discovery launch :) It was pretty neat seeing the launch :)

We came home after that to give the munchkin a chance to nap and for us to hopefully miss the 90 degree heat until later in the evening when we went back to the river to watch the fireworks show.. it was BEAUTIFUL. Perfectly clear sky. River did wonderful. He got a little fussy before the started because he was bored and getting tired and they started 30 minutes late. But once they started he watched them intently for about 5 minutes completely mesmerized by them and then promptly fell asleep until afterward. We got home about 10:30 and River was miserably tired. Poor kid..

Yesterday was Doug's first full evening on the job. He left at 3:45 and got home about 3:30am. It was a LONG night but really not too bad. River did really well going to bed last night so mommy got time to chill before heading to bed. Things are getting better... easier.. slowly.