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Cheli On Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Let's see...

Monday we had the final in our Fundamentals class.. I got a 83 on the final :( and a 86 as a final grade.. It's not BAD but it's definately a hell of a lot worse than I thought I was going to do.. I need to stay after and talk to the instructor but when I asked her about it yesterday she said I would have to go to the DON if I wanted to see the test because she'd already turned them over. Apparently someone else jumped all over her for their grade and pissed her off so she turned them in with out giving the rest of us a chance to see ours. Whatever.. I'll deal with the 86.. I'm doing much better in A&P than I thought I would. We had 2 tests so far.. I got a 94 on one and a 97 on the other! We have the midterm tomorrow :) We started Math today.. *yawn* I turned in all the homework for the entire class today... now I can ignore her because it's elementary mathmatics which will give me time to concentrate on A&P even though I am 5 chapters ahead in that too.. LOL We start Fundamentals 102 on the 14th.. 102 and 103 are the classes we have to get 80s in and can not remediate or we are out of the program.. no pressure :) We've already had 1 or 2 people drop out..

In other news.. Doug got hired on with Comcast Call Center today as Tech Support.. A job he will really love! The training class doesn't start until August 28th though so we'll have to figure out how to make it until then.. And the class is 9am to 5 pm when he does start so we'll have to put River in daycare for at least the month and a half that he is in training. *sigh* But the job pays significantly higher than Doug has been making which will really helps us make it through the next year. Hopefully once Doug is out of the training class he'll be on evenings or nights so the baby can come out of daycare. I really don't want him in daycare so we're going to see about hiring a temp nanny or something not that I like that any better. *sigh*

Well I have to be up at 5:40 tomorrow to go to a study group before the midterm so I better go to bed..