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Cheli On Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have survived through the first two days of school. OMG is it going to be a long 13 months! The first day the instructor for this class gave us a 2000 page book and 5 chapters of homework. My dumbass thought they were due Friday.. I'm on Chapter 5 now. They are due periodically between Wednesday and NEXT Friday. Oh well it'll be nice to not have to worry about the homework for a few days. We start Anatomy and Physiology on Monday. Woo hooo! Something different, hopefully something more structured.. the instructor teaching us Fundamentals of Nursing has NO idea what she's doing with anything.. we are probably teaching her. She says she's been a nurse for 14 years and has been teaching at Concorde for 2 1/2.. I don't see how. I'm bored in the class.. it's alot of note taking that I can just highlight in the book in save my hand the discomfort. And then there is alot of nothing time. We get a break every hour for 10 minutes plus a 40 minute lunch. The instructor has to leave the room at least once an hour because she forgot something or doesn't know how to do something. We've had umpteen interuptions trying to get Financial Aid squared away for everyone and uniforms etc etc.. I know it's just first week crap but UGHHHH I want to get going with the fun stuff already.

The second day was a little better. We did some math.. everyone but me seemed to be totally lost on what to do on BASIC math problems. I don't know how they are going to make it in this class if they can't do basic math.. what are they going to do when it comes time to do algebraic equations to figure out dosing amounts? We watched some dumb video on test taking tactics.. basic stuff that people have been telling you since High School *shrug* I did homework while it played. She let us go about 15 minutes early. I took the wrong way home and it took me 15 extra minutes because of traffic.

River was a bit thrown off by the shift in things yesterday was crabby and cranky earlier than usual and didn't want to go to bed. Today he's back to his lovey little self YAY! I missed him like HELL the last few days.. being apart from him SUCKS. It also sucks that I never get to see Doug.. yesterday and Today I got to see him for 45 minutes a piece.. it'll be that way every day Monday-Thursday for the next 13 months.. *sigh*