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Cheli On Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm tired.. I should be in bed but I'm not. Why does it seem like there is not enough hours in the day anymore? Who stole them?

I studied for about 3 hours tonight, much needed. I have a quiz on Monday for our chapter 3 test for Foundations of Nursing. Midterm is on Tuesday and Finals a week from Monday. I'll be glad when this class is gone because it's boring but I'll miss it as well because it gives me time to relax some after the morning of A&P which I am sure I am going to seriously need. The A&P instructor came in on Friday and handed us our syllibus to go over.. we are going through 2 chapters every day we are in the class. 25 chapters in 3 weeks. OMG. So last night I sat down and read chapter 1 of the text. Read it again today. Then spent an hour answering 20 pages of questions and charts on medical terminology. It's a good thing I have a near photographic memory.. or else I'd be screwed. I have a feeling we're going to seriously lose some people in the upcoming weeks. I'm going to tackle chapter 2 tomorrow and do a bit more studying for the Fundamentals test.

Sara (my niece) is here for the weekend. It's nice having her here but it's tiring. I feel bad for her because Linda is too tired to do much (although she took us all bowling and out to eat tonight). And I'm busy studying and Doug doesn't want to do much besides the computer or TV so she's been a bit bored. I'm trying to include her in things though. She helped me study some tonight, she was REALLY into it. LOL She's so cute. She goes back to her dad on Sunday to finish the rest of summer vacation before returning to her mother.

River is doing good :) Getting big... nothing new really. Still trying to crawl. Still to lazy to sit up on his own. Loves to stand holding on to something unassisted though. Sleeps great. Eats great, loves his baby food (well some of it). He goes August 8th for his 6 month well baby visit. I'll update on how big he is then.