Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Saturday, July 5, 2008
Time seems to move faster every week.

I weighed in this morning at 175.6 which is a 2 lb loss from last week. YAY!! I am really surprised I lost anything this week as it's been a rough rough week for me. Saturday night I felt really fatigued and went to bed. Sunday I woke up with a bad headache and by Sunday evening I had a 103 fever and a stiff neck. I was concerned that I might have contracted meningitis from somewhere so I went to the local ER to get checked out. The only way to rule out meningitis is a spinal tap so I had one done. It took the doctor 5 or 6 tries to get it done. It came back negative and I was sent home and told to rest. Monday I woke up with the worst headache of my entire life. I went back up to OPMC and they gave me a shot of Demerol and sent me home. Tuesday the headache was still there so I went to Baptist hospital downtown for a second opinion. I was given Diladid and Morphine while in the ER as well as an infusion of caffine. And was sent home with a perscription for percocet and instructions to come back if the headache came back in the next 24 hours. By Wednesday morning it was back so I went back to the hospital and they put me back on Diladid while we waited for 13 hours for them to decide to do what's called a blood patch. It's where they take 20cc's of blood from my hand and inject it into my back in the same spot that the spinal tap was done. This is supposed to form a patch over the hole where the spinal fluid is leaking out of the spinal column causing a headache. Well due to the fact that Doctor #1 did the spinal tap in the wrong part of my spine they had to do the patch above the spinal tap location and hope that it would drift down to the hole. I was sent home with a prescription for Demoral and pretty much told if that didn't help me we'd just have to wait it out. *sigh* Luckily It's Friday and I don't have a headache so it seems to have worked. Thank goodness.

Due to the headache and ER drama that insued I had to rescheduled both my oral surgeon appointment and my dentist appointment that I was supposed to have Tuesday and Wednesday. And Doug had to reschedule his appointment that he was supposed to have today because I am not allowed to lift anything (including Journey). We were both really looking forward to the dentist and getting our teeth fixed finally, but I guess it will happen just not as soon as we thought.

Doug finally got his license. Sometime between the visits to the hospital we checked the mail and there it was :) Now we are trying to come up with the funds to get him his liability insurance because that is the only thing holding him back from being able to work. At least now he is officially licensed. Thank goodness that's over with. *sigh*

River is still battling lice. We have been doing treatemnts and going through his hair with the nit comb. I think we might end up having to cut his hair.. I wont' shave it. I refuse. But I will cut it if I have to to make it easier to go through it etc.. we'll see. He's been a real trooper about letting us mess with his hair. He is back to absolutely no dairy because every time he has dairy he ends up with nasty diapers and who wants that? He will officially be 2 1/2 years old next month.. where is the time going?

Journey is 21 weeks old this week. He'll be 5 months old on Tuesday. I'm going to try and swing by the pediatricians office on Tuesday to weigh him for our records. He is growing like a weed. He's rolling over pretty consistantly now but still won't do it for me to get on camera. He is still exclusively breastfed and hasn't started solids.. probablhy won't for another 2 or 3 months yet at least. He smiles all the time and is very vocal which is a big change from River who never really cooed or babbled. I love it. It's amazing how fast time is going.. I want him to stay my little baby just a bit longer... too bad they never listen.

The 4th went well. We went to Moosehaven again this year. River absolutely LOVED the fireworks this year he squealed and clapped and jumped around and was totally enthralled. We left before the finale so we could beat the traffic out.. didn't quite make it before the traffic but it wasn't too bad. Only took about 30 minutes to get home. Some people were stuck in that mess for upwards of an hour or 2. YIKES. Journey wasn't really impressed or phased by the fireworks much the same as River the first year we took him. He nursed and looked around a bit and he was fine. Should be interesting next year when he isn't the little baby anymore but is a toddler. It's crazy to even think about.

River sitting on the couch after we came home from the parade before he went down for a nap for the afternoon.

Journey relaxing on the blanket waiting for the show to start.

River being an awesome big brother

Daddy and Journey getting ready to watch the show :)

River watching the fireworks :)