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Cheli On Friday, July 18, 2008
It's already Friday again... someone slow time down please.
Today was weigh in day like usual I was 174.0 that is a 1.6 lb lost this week. Brings the grand total to 43 lbs. YAY! I am 17 lbs away from my first major goal (157). I took a new picture this week for my weight loss documenting...

I went for my rescheduled oral surgery appt on Monday. I do need 6 teeth pulled. Fun fun. My surgery has been scheduled for August 7th at 8:45 am. He gave me 2 valium to take the before and morning of and 2 prescriptions for afterwards. And he also informed me that they will be knocking me out for the procedure. THANK THE GODS! My back and head seem to be better this week YAY. My back acts up occasionally with sharp pains etc much the same as it did after my epidural with River. But it's nothing I can't handle.

Doug got sick this week with a sinus infection and was out of commission for a few days. He did manage to get his liability insurance application in the mail though so now we're just waiting on that to come back so he can start working. Once he gets the insurance he's going to give his work a call and see whether they want him to start now or to wait for after my surgery as he will have to take that time off to help me out. We took him into the express care at the hospital to be seen because when he called his doctor to make an appointment we were informed that his doctor no longer is in private practice.. nice.. would have been kind of them to let their patients know. He can find a new doctor but it will take a week or 2 to get the new card etc and until then he wasn't able to see anyone. So he was put on an antibiotic and with in 48 hours was feeling much better. YAY.

River seems to have won against the lice. We started treating it with tea tree oil and olive oil mixed together plus we put a few drops of tea tree oil in his shampoo for prevention and combed through his hair every day for a few days. Seems to have worked. We did have to take him to the doctor this week because he had a bad looking rash in his diaper area and it wasn't going away with A&D ointment. He also had a raw area on top of his ear so we got that checked out too. The ear patch thing is what she thinks is impetigo and the diaper rash is caused by same underlying infection so we were given 2 different creams to treat him with and he's starting to look better in both areas. Luckily neither one seems to be bothering him at all. He was weighed while he was there. He still weighs the same as he weighed when he turned 2 so he has decided to slow weigh down on the weight gain which is a good thing. He hasn't been measured height wise but I think he's still growing like a weed there. He can now sing his ABCs and count to 15 in english and 10 in Spanish. We're working on teaching him how to get dressed in the morning but so far he's just flat out not interested in doing it himself. He has been helping to pick out his clothes lately though so that's a good start. His new favorite book to read at bedtime is some of the Curious George books. So we're going to try and pick him up some of those today when we go to the used book store.

Journey is now 5 months old officially.. Updated about him a few days ago so check out the previous post for more info on him :)

Now here are some pictures :)