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Cheli On Wednesday, July 23, 2008
So Journey went to the Cardiologisst today because I spoke with them earlier this week and told them about the weight loss that we discovered at the doctors. They wanted to see him, just to make sure it wasn't heart related. His heart is FINE! He still has the Pulmonary Valve Stenosis but it is a mild case. Sounds great he said. He couldn't be happier with how he sounds, he didn't even see the point in doing an echo because he could tell it was fine WOOO HOOOO. They did do an EKG which came back basically showing what the doctor heard, mild stenosis. The weighed and measured him and according to their scale he was 13 lbs 6 oz. Back up to his 4 month weight but I don't go by that as it's a different scale and all. They also measured him out in length. 59 cm. The doctor came in and looked at the measurement and made them do it again.. apparently 59cm or 23 1/2 inches is very small for a 5 month old. That is his biggest concern. If he's gaining sooo slowly then maybe there is something more going on inside him than we know. He wants us to take Journey to see an endocrinologist to get checked out. I'll talk with the pediatrician about it when we go for his weight check next week.

While we were talking with the doctor he asked how much formula Journey was getting. When I told him that we were still breast feeding with 1 bottle of supplemented formula a day he seemed surprised. I told him the Journey seems to have issues nursing for any length of time most of the day, he'll latch on and nurse for a minute or 2 and then latch off and lay there for a second and then latch back etc.. almost like he's tired. He said well does he do that with a bottle. I told him not really but bottles are much easier to nurse from. And he tells me well if you want to go ahead and put him on formula he'd be fine. There really is no nutritional value in breast milk after 3 months and 3-6 months is really iffy. WHAT???? Right..... that's why the AAP and every other health organization recommends at least a year if not 2 of breast feeding.. because there is no nutritional value. Stupid doctor.

Then he asks me if we are giving him solids.. which as you've read below we did attempt but he's just not ready for them yet. They are giving him tummy issues etc so we stopped them (tummy issues are gone). And he asked what we tried, I told him pears and he asked if we tried cereal. I told him that we don't do cereal as there is virtually no nutrional value and he looked at me like I sprouted 3 heads. Okie dokie... I realize I'm not the "normal main stream mom" but geez...

So anyway.. Journey looks great heart wise. he goes back at 9 months for a recheck. November something.
Daddy offered Journey a taste of a Lime popsicle

Journey was totally impressed (must have felt great on his gums)

Mommy styling River's hair in the bathtub tonight..

It wouldn't stay standing up long enough to get the picture but it was hella cute.