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Cheli On Friday, June 27, 2008
It's already Friday again, time for an update.

I weighed in this morning at 178.8 lbs. Only a loss of .8 lbs for the week but it's double what I lost last week and probably woulda been higher but I went to McDonalds yesterday and had double cheeseburger.. oops. Oh well. We are getting an eliptical machine today that someone from Freecycle is GIVING us and someone else from freecycle is helping us pick up. I LOVE it :) hehe I hope having the eliptical will kick my butt back into gear because I've gotten lazy on exercising because it's so dang hot outside.

Doug got a call from his instructor earlier this week saying that the application had been received by the state so now it's just a matter of waiting for the state to process his application which he said could take a week or two. Hopefully closer to the week. We are in desperate need of him working. And I know he's eager to get working again.

We both made appointments to go to the dentist next week. Neither one of us is very fond of going to the dentist *yeah I know, who is* but we're going because we need it. My appt is for Wednesday and his is for Thursday. We are going this morning to get massages at his school from some of his former classmates. Should be enjoyable :)

River is doing great. We went last night to Wally world and bought him a ton of new clothes. 16 shirts, 8 pairs of shorts, and 3 under shirts (wife beaters) for bed time. He looked so handsome this morning dressed in his new outfit.. hopefully it doesn't come home destroyed. We also bought him a new toy motorcycle because he is obsessed with them lately. His whole face lit up when he saw it this morning and kept saying motorcycle, motorcycle. I tried to get him to leave it here when I took him to school but he wouldn't have it. So I let him bring it in the car and told him he had to leave it in the card when we got to school which he very hestinately did once we got there. He now insist on bringing 2 or 3 cars with him to bed every evening and if you try and get him to go to bed with out the cars he will cry until he gets them. LOL He is so much fun.

Journey is feeling better finally. He is finishing up a 10 day dose of Ceron drops for his coughing but hasn't coughed in a few days. We were given a crib and crib mattress in half a dozen crib sheets from Freecycle this week so we put the crib together and now it's in the corner of our bedroom and he sleeps in it every night. He looks so unbelievablely tiny in that thing. The last 3 nights he has slept from 8:30 or so until 7am with out waking up. Occasionally he'll fuss for his pacifier but once he has it back in his mouth he goes still. He is definately a pacifier baby. He has built an attachment to holding things in his hands (he has a dish rag in the car that he has to hold while we're driving or he gets upset). So yesterday when we went to the store we found this awesome soft microfiber and silk taggie blanket for him. I want to keep it for me, it's so soft. He went to the pediatrician yesterday for his shots. We got him the next dose of DTaP and Polio amd denied everything else once again. The pediatrician never gives us a hard time about it.. YAY. She gave us the go ahead to start him on cereal if we want.. we don't. He's gaining weight just fine with out and he's no where near ready for solids yet. So we'll keep plugging along. He is 13 lbs 10 oz now but they are using the 13 lbs 6 oz as his official weight because it was taken the day after he turned 4 months and they remeasured him and he was only 24 inches not 24 3/4 inches. So he is in the 11th for weight 8th for height and his head is in the 29th percentile. His head is now the circumfrence that his brother's was at birth LOL. She said he is doing WONDERFUL. The only thing he isnt' doing that most babies are by this point is rolling over but she said she has no doubt he could if he wanted to. YAY. So he goes back August 26th for his 6 month and goes back to the cardiologist on August 19th.

I never got around to putting pictures up.. I'll try and do that this week.. oops.