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Cheli On Friday, November 30, 2007
I had my 26 week appointment today. I'm still below my pre-pregnancy weight :) But i did gain weight this go round.. could be because I ate the breakfast before I went too LOL So we'll see. My BP was 120/76 and my glucose was 155 :X Then I remembered that I drank some coffee this morning so she said she'd check it again at the end of the appointment before she decided whether to send me for a 3 hour at the lab or not. It was 123 at the end of the appointment about 20 minutes later so no GD for me this time around :) I have to go to the lab to get my hemoglobin checked one more time but other than that WOO HOO. I'm measuring 28 weeks LOL and Journey was active and HB sounded great.. he wouldn't stay still long enough for us to get a number on him LOL. I go back December 21st which is 3 weeks from now and then I'll be on the normal 2 week appointment schedule.