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Cheli On Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I went this morning for the second draw of my beta levels and a follow up ultrasound. With the beta levels we were looking for them to double. At this stage of pregnancy the HcG in your blood should double every 48 hours. My draw Sunday night/Monday Morning was 553 today's draw was...... 1323!She says that's GREAT! That means they are doubling approximately every 43 hours.

Then we did the ultrasound. She still didn't see a gestational sac in my uterus but thought she saw the start of one there. She was able to get a better look at the "atypical formation" on my right ovary and she says it's the size of a gestational sac but there is no yolk sac in it and she can clearly see that it's a hemmorhagic corpus leutus cyst. She says I have another smaller one on my left ovary as well. She would rule out ectopic pregnancy yet but mainly because she hasn't visualized a gestational sac in my uterus yet. She said that she saw what you would expect to see. She wants to me to come back for another draw on Friday morning and another ultrasound. By then my numbers should be well over 2000 and by that amount you should definately be able to see a gestational sac.

Other than that.. things look good. I'm anemic so I've been started on iron supplements and the dreaded prenatals. I'm ready to be done with the every 2 day thing and go to the montly appointments.