Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I went yesterday for my appointment at the clinic that I've been going to for my beta draws and ultrasounds. I'll spare you the long bitch fest but I waited for almost 5 hours before they saw me.. yes you heard me right.. 5 hours. I was pissed. Especially when my entire appointment took 30 minutes. I got an ultrasound done and they saw baby right away IN MY UTERUS so I am 100% not having an ectopic pregnancy. They put my due date at 3/5/08 and my LMP puts it at 3/4/08 so it's pretty dead on at the moment :) My beta level from Friday was 2920 :) So everything looks good. They want me to come in Friday for yet another ultrasound but I am not going. They just want me to come in to visualize the heartbeating which is should be by then, but I see no point in going to them when I have a doctor I'm going to see and already have an appointment for 7/30. So there ya have it :) I'm officially pregnant and all that happy stuff. I'll be 6 weeks along tomorrow. WOO HOOO! The doctor told me that will the ultrasound and the LMP dates being so close together they'll just go with my LMP so my due date is set for 3/4/07. Who knows when peanut will actually show up though.

Started back to school Monday. I'm ready to be done. I don't like getting up and going and being bored. Today we didn't even have lecture in one of our classes. We haven't had lecture any day in that class and we've got a midterm on the 16th @@ Should be fun. I've got a final on the 17th in my other class and have an A in the class at the moment. I have 22 days of school left not including days off and weekends. We're very close. I'm ready to be done.