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Cheli On Saturday, July 7, 2007

It appears that everything is good to go with the peanut baby :)

I went on Friday for another beta check and another ultrasound. They drew blood, sent it to the lab and did the ultrasound in the interim. They definately see a gestational sac in my uterus, no yolk sac yet but will probably be there Monday. They want me back on Monday for a repeat ultrasound but I don't think I'm going to go. He told me there was no sense in waiting around for the beta results because we know it's not ectopic and with how the numbers were increasing between the first 2 there is little to worry about. YAY! So I think I'm just going to wait to see my doctor on July 30th. I set up an appointment with a doctor that is closer to the house this time. I really don't know if I'll actually GO to this doctor but I want to see him to get the early prenatal care done and then when/if I can find a midwife I like, we'll switch to her. Unless of course I really like the doctor. When I go for my appointment July 30th I'll be 8 weeks along. They won't see you before 8-10 weeks because they said your highest risk of miscarriage is the period before then. My official due date is March 7th :)

School starts back up on Monday. I'll have just over a month to go.. July 16th will be exactly a month left. I'm SO close and SO ready for it be done. 13 months was a LONG time but it went by quickly and I made it!

Doug has his orientation on Thursday for FMU. He's really nervous and excited about it but I know he'll love it once he gets going. He starts class a week from Monday. :) I'm SO proud of him!

River is doing AWESOME. He's starting to talk more. He says Me when ever he wants something (also accompanied by a point... maybe we're getting past the shreiking for everything stage?), he can say kitty cat, he can tell you when he's dirty (when you ask him if he is poopy he puts his finger on his nose and then gets up and goes to the changing table), he can say mama, dada, night night (and when you ask him if he's ready to go night night he'll say it and go walk to his bedroom door). The daycare says he is also saying Please and sometimes thank you but I haven't heard either of those yet. He has figured out how to climb and run and loves to do both. He's learning how to throw a ball (or a cup, toy, fit...) and takes great joy in that as well. He is so smart and continues to amaze me every day. He turns 17 months old on Wednesday. Where the heck has the time gone???

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