Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, October 2, 2006

Tired has moved to a whole new level these last few weeks. I'm tired physically, mentally.. everything.. just tired. And whats worse is I can't sleep. Even when I can sleep in my body won't let me. I'm just tired.

School is going good I suppose. We are officially in our second semester now. We started Med Surg and Pharmacology last Thursday. We've gotten 2 grades in both classes.. in Pharm I have a 98 and 100. In Med Surg I have an 83 and don't know what the other grade is yet as we just took the quiz today but I think I did better on that assignment. I hope. Everyone told us that these two classes which last about 3 and 7 weeks respectively are the hardest two classes in the program because they are so extensive and important. Mrs. Lou our Med Surg teacher told us today that if we pass with an 80 grade we'll be happy (not us directly but the class in general) she said her class is hard. The Junior class started Med Surg with 30 students.. not one had been removed from the program. .after Med Surg they were down to only 19. They lost 11 people.. lets hope I'm not one of the 11 we lose.

Doug's work is going good. He's been there a little over 4 weeks so far. The changed his schedule for this week and next week to 2:30 to 11. Which means I am 100% responsible for River. Which means he has to stay at Daycare later every day so that I have time to study. I miss my little boy :( I know I am doing this for our future and what not but Goddess I miss him NOW. I feel like I am missing him growing up even though I'm not. He's getting so big. He'll be 8 months old in 8 days.. when did that happen? Other than that he's doing great, he is feeling better. He's cruising the couches now and just recently he started saying "dada" although he doesn't understand that "dada" means Daddy. He just says it right now. He has a doctor appointment tomorrow to follw up from his Double Ear Infection. I don't know if i'm going to go or not. I really dislike the doctor who we have to see because of the time we can get in plus I'll have to miss a little bit of school to take him and I really don't want to miss school for nothing. I'd rather save it for the next time he is sick or the next time I am.

We are almost completely caught up in bills.. A little bit left to pay on the cell phone and a little bit more to pay on the out of pocket to the school to get caught up and then we'll be good to go. Now if only Episcopal would come through so we aren't having to spend 310 dollars every 2 weeks on daycare life would be good.

I'm babbling now because I'm tired.. will talk to everyone later.