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Cheli On Friday, October 13, 2006

I hate dealing with banks in any shape or form. Absolutely can't stand it. Whenever we have a bank account we overdraw it because they pull money out of it in a strange way so that we don't have the funds to cover it so we end up with NSF fees out the butt. So we stopped using banks and started using a Pre-paid Visa card.. no over draft fees right? HA.. yeah but they let you go into the negative balance and not tell you about it. We've been siting in the negative by 60 bucks for 3 months since we stopped using that card while Doug was out of work. When Doug got his paycheck a few weeks ago we put it in the card and surprise surprise it was a LOT smaller than it should've been. So we made sure not to go over this time. Well this a few days ago we get a call from VyStar (the bank we have our car loan through) saying they never recieved their September payment. LIKE HELL THEY DIDN'T. I have the reciept to prove it so they can shove it. UGHHHH I hate banks.

We are still behind on a few bills and even though we ARE getting caught up I feel like we aren't and it sucks. Doug got paid today and it's basically spent. I hate having no money. I can't wait to be done with school so we can stop worrying about this living pay check to paycheck thing. School is going good though which is great. We got our Midterm evaluations for Pharmacology. I have a 92. :) We have 10 days until the final and that's including the weekends. I'm ready for Pharmacology to be over and be one class closer. We are almost half way though the Med Surg class and I have a 92 in that as well which is impressive because the teacher says few people end up with A's in her class. We'll see. We lost 3 more people in class so we are down to 23 students right now. The smaller the class gets the closer we get together. :)

River is doing good. He is offically 8 months old now. He's so ready to walk he just doesn't trust himself to take the plunge and let go. He still only has 2 teeth. But the BIG BIG news of the week is that he is no longer on Nutrimagen (the 26 dollar a can formula) he is now on Soy formula. YAY!!!!!! He won't eat any table food at all. Anything with texture and he gags. I guess he's just not ready, we'll try again after a while. I'm not worried. I have videos of the kiddo I'd like to share but I have no idea how to share them :( Every time I try and put them on here Xanga freaks and stops working.

A little less than month until Doug and I's offical 1 year anniversary. Go us!