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Cheli On Monday, October 23, 2006

Let's see... we got approved for the funding for daycare.. we went from paying 155/week to 80/week. YAY!!!!!! That will most definately help out in saving up some money and what not..

Had a final today for Pharmacology. I ended up with a final grade of a 92 which is good. Last Wednesday I missed a quiz because of some problems with my carpool to school and what not and the DON told us that we would be able to make the quiz up because of the extinuating circumstances. We told the instructor what the DON had said and she spoke with the DON and the decided that we wouldn't be able to make it up because if they allowed us to make up the grade then they would have to start allowing other people who missed quizzes to make up the grade. Fine I can understand that, was also told it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Right. So I went back to my seat and factored in the 0 that I was going to recieve on the quiz and discovered that it was going to bring my 92 average down to an 82. Long story short, I freaked out, the DON and the instructor sat down and showed me how THEY figured out grades and come to find out it only brought me down to an 89. Still not a good enough grade for me. So I knew I had to get an A to end up with an A in the class.. Well I did it :) I ended up with a 94 in the test and a 92 on the final or something like that. YAY YAY! I have gotten an A in every class other than the very first class which I chalk up to trying to get back into the "swing of things". So we start nutrition tomorrow. We have 19 students left as of today... some people didn't pass the Dosage Calculation part of the test today and have to stay after tomorrow for remediation of it don't know if they will still be in class or what happens. We shall see.

This weekend was most enjoyable. Doug and I both had Saturday and Sunday off and we were able to stay home and veg on the computers and play Diablo 2 and do NOTHING. It was blissfully wonderful :)

Munchkin boy is doing good. Nothing new to report there other than the lady from the state came this week and did his 9 month Denver development test on him even though he is only 8 months. He scored no lower than 10 month level and as high as 14 1/2 month levels on the different skills they asked about and had him do. I have one smart little boy :)