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Cheli On Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Another perinatologist appointment for me today. 22 weeks 1 day. I was surprised to find out when I got there that they were doing the growth scan this appointment instead of next week. Doug missed the appointment because he wanted to go to next weeks. But that's okay. They'll be plenty more I'm sure.

Today's appointment was a growth scan (they scan all the major bones as well the head circumference and abdominal circumference) as well as a fetal echo cardiogram to make sure 1) there are no anomalies since Journey has Pulmonary Valve Stenosis 2) make sure that there wasn't any indication of Down's or complication because of possible Twin to Twin Transfusion. They also checked my cervix and the blood flow through the umbilical cords and fluid levels like usual.

Ember was 14 oz today with a heart rate of 140 and Kaeda was 11 oz with a heart rate of 147. Both girls had great fluid levels and doppler flow through the cords. And their hearts both look anatomically PERFECT. The discordance between their sizes is still there but the good news is that it's not growing at all. They are still measuring consistently the same distance apart and growing at the same rate. With any luck the 3 oz between them will remain the same through out the remainder of the pregnancy and 3oz won't be such a big deal as they get bigger. The best news of the day was that neither girl had ANY markers for Down Syndrome. So we won't be going through with an amniocentesis. We'll keep the thought in the back of our minds just in case one is born with Down's but I honestly don't feel like anything is wrong with my girls.

I have an OB appointment on Thursday at 2pm so I'll get to see them again I'm sure. I'll update again in a week

Now for the pictures....

Here's me at 22 weeks pregnant :)

Ember's profile picture. Her hand is right up next to her mouth. She spent the entire ultrasound trying to get her hand in her mouth LOL

Kaeda's profile picture

Another Kaeda profile. The blob to the left of her head is Ember's head if that tells you how close together they are!

My favorite profile pic of the day. Kaeda again

We were given 2 more pictures of their girly shots but I didn't feel the need to post those LOL

In other news...

River saw his new counselor this week. She is really nice. She seemed to agree with the diagnosis of ADHD and was glad that he's got an appointment set to see the psychiatrist in June for an evaluation. She gave us a behavior chart to try and help him stop one of the behaviors that bothers us most. We're working with him but I'm not expecting any miracles.

We heard from his school's disabilities coordinator. She came out and observed him in class an feels that he would benefit from being referred to the county public school system for further evaluation. She said he is behind on his fine motor skills which is common with kids with ADHD and sensory issues. They have up to 60 school days to evaluate him which means he probably won't get any kind of evaluation done until next school year. School ends June 9th here