Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Thursday, May 13, 2010
Has it really been almost a month since I updated?? I'm such a slacker.

The pregnancy is going well. I'm 20 weeks now (20 weeks 3 days to be exact). I am seeing the perinatologist weekly now and the OB every 2 weeks. It's been interesting to say the least. The girls are still measuring differently (there is a 23% discordance) or at least there was at the last measuring a week and a half ago. Baby A was 6 oz and Baby B was 9 oz. But other than the size difference they are both doing beautifully. A has a heart rate of 155 and B has a heart rate of 145. Fluid levels look great and they are just going to keep a close eye on us.

We had a bit of a scare this past week. Monday I got a call from the OB office asking me if I could come in ASAP to meet with the OB to discuss some of the results of my blood work I had done. So I told her that my next appointment was scheduled for Thursday. She said the doctor wanted to see me sooner than that. Asked if I could come in at 4:15 that day (mind you it was 2:15 at the time). OK... yes I'll be there. Come to find out, the blood test for Down Syndrome came back positive. However the doctor is fairly confident that it's a false positive as there have been no other indications that would suggest they are at risk for the condition. My guess is they are off on the due dates and I'm further along than they had in their records (which I know to be true as the paper work has my due date as 10/5 for some reason which is over a week after my actual due date). This difference alone could be enough to ensure the false positive. However, it's something I'll be following up with the perinatologist on Monday (my next appointment) for sure .

One of the nice things about being a high risk pregnancy, I get to see the girls weekly. It's wonderfully good for my anxiety levels (which are admittedly through the roof this pregnancy) and that means I get lots of pictures to share with those who love them :)

In other news....

Journey is going in for surgery on Tuesday the 18th for tubes for his ears. We has an appointment with the ENT who feels that it's a good move to make. This past Tuesday we went in for the anesthesia consult.. something about a heart kid makes anesthesia freak out every time he needs to be put under. She cleared him for surgery barring the cough he has (which has has had for weeks due to drainage from his nose we're assuming) hasn't gotten worse. She also said that since this is the 2nd time he's had a clear consult and a clearance from the cardiologist that the next time (let's hope there isn't a next time) he needs a surgery we don't need the consult with anesthesia as long as nothing in his medical history changes (ie his heart doesn't get worse or he develops other issues that may make anesthesia difficult). So we'll get official surgery time Monday night and go in on Tuesday morning for what will hopefully be a very quick, in and out procedure.

Other than his ears, he's doing fabulously. He is FINALLY starting to talk a bit more. He tries to use words although most of them are still unintelligible to even those who know him best but he's TRYING. He will say some words clearly if he mimics you "Can you say Dog?" "Dog" that kind of thing. He's still getting speech therapy once a week and we are going to be having his transition meeting set up any time this summer to start transitioning him to the school system since the Early Intervention program only lasts until 3 and he'll be 3 in February. Not much going on in the growth department. His weight has pretty much held steady or grown some.. We're still below 30 lbs by 2 or 3 lbs at this point. And he's hanging out on the 25% for his weight. His height is all but the same... he's around the 5th% on that but hey that's okay. He's such a beautiful little boy.

River has been having a rough go of it lately. We aren't sure what is going on with his behavior but it's gotten really bad. He's extremely defiant. He back talks constantly. He is aggressive to his teacher and fellow class mates. He doesn't listen. We took him in to see a behaviorist at the local mental health clinic and after seeing her 3 times she informed us she was leaving the company and someone would be in touch with us to further his care.. that was 3 weeks ago. I've been in contact with them twice to try and get someone to see him because SOMETHING is definitely going on. We've heard ADHD, ODD, PDD, all sorts of possible diagnoses and reasons for his behavior but no one is willing to truly diagnose him.

His school has been just as bad about continuity of care with him. They requested someone from the school system special needs resource department come out and evaluate him at the school. We were told months ago that they had 60 days to follow through on the request. I asked a few weeks ago if the coordinator knew if it had happened or not. She said she knew that the evaluator had come out and done the evaluation but didn't know what the recommended or anything and that she would look into it. After giving her a few weeks I went up there 2 days ago and discovered that she no longer works for the company and the gentleman who replaced her had NO clue about any of it. So we now have the ball rolling on that end again. Hopefully with enough time before the school year ends on June 9th to get SOMETHING going to help him out.

Other than the behavior issues he's doing wonderfully. He's incredibly smart and playful. He is so excited about having 2 baby sisters coming. He loves his brother. The boys are now sharing a room in hopes of opening up the 3rd bedroom for the girls when they are ready to be in their own room (whenever that is). It's working beautifully for both boys most nights. They both seem to sleep better having someone in the room with them which is great.

Hopefully I'll remember (find the energy) to get on here again before another month has passed.