Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, March 10, 2009
I have a moment so I figured I'd shoot out at least a small update.

I am still losing weight which is AWESOME. Not as much this week as last week. As of this past Thursday I was down to 175.4 on the scale :) YAY. But the really exciting news as far as that goes is that Doug and I were at Wal-Mart yesterday killing time before our movie started and I decided to try on a few pairs of jeans. I grabbed the size I'm in and a size lower to see how far I have to go before they fit. AND THEY FIT!!!! I haven't been in this particular size since I was in high school, maybe even middle school.. I seriously don't remember (I know shocker of all shockers that I don't remember something). So I was seriously STOKED. I can stand for the scale to move slowly as long as I keep getting smaller :)

Doug is at a bit of crossroads in his career. He is still doing great work with Massage Envy but it's always been his desire to go out on his own and work for himself. Massage Envy while it gave him his start just doesn't really pay enough for a massage therapist. So last Thursday we placed a craigslist ad for massage services. By Sunday night Doug had done 6 hours of massage on his own! How awesome is that??? And to make what he makes at Massage Envy in a week he would only need to do 7 hours of Massage. We don't want him to stop working for Massage Envy until we know that he can make enough doing this on his own. But we can't really advertise for him to be completely available if he's working 25 hours at Massage Envy because by the time he's off work for the day or on his days off, he wants to rest. So we aren't really sure what to do.

The boys are both doing great. Journey is trying so hard to walk it's crazy. He just doesn't have the balance. He goes today for his synagis shot at the doctors which sucks because he's in such a good mood this morning. Oh well. We left the boys with a babysitter last night for the first time.. they did great. The only thing that didnt' go well was that Journey didn't want to be put in his bed to sleep. He slept in the baby sitter's lap until we got home LOL oh well. Doug and I got the chance to go out to eat and then to a movie (we saw Push).

Well I need to go get Journey ready for the appointment.