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Cheli On Tuesday, March 10, 2009
What would you do???
Doug and I are stuck and we aren't sure which way we should go from here..

As you know I'm in school for my associates degree. Starting in May I will have 4 classes a week and then in July I will have 5 days of school a week and clinicals. Clinicals will require some overnight shifts and some day shifts and 12 hour shifts plus the school work is a lot harder than I thought I just don't have time to study when Doug's at work and I'm alone with the boys. So we've thought of a few choices to go from here..

1) Have Doug stay with Massage Envy working the hours he is for as long as possible and then once it becomes not possible anymore have him stop and devote all of our energy into getting him clients independently to bring money in. Which would give us guaranteed money while he's with Massage Envy but by the time he needs to start doing it on his own he won't have had any time to build up a client base for it which could leave us with out enough clients.

2) Have him stop Massage Envy while we are ahead and have a good nest egg in the bank and throw himself whole heartedly into getting clients independently. Which would give him MAJOR flexibility so I can study and be gone when I need to be with out worry but not guaranteed work especially in the beginning.

3) Stick with Massage Envy, go full time instead of part time and find a daycare/nanny/sitter for the boys and try to get Doug's hours moved to daytime instead of evenings. This would be great but there are ALOT of what if's here. If Massage Envy won't give him daytime hours if we can't find an affordable sitter.We can't really put Journey in daycare so it would have to be a private sitter or someone with very limited number of children in their care. But if we could he would bring home even more money than he is now and he'd still be home in the evenings for us. Doesn't offer much flexibility in scheduling though as far as sick kids etc..

We have put ALOT of thought into this and we see the pros and cons of each situation and we just don't know what's the best option. *sigh* ANY input would be SOOOO appreciated.


Princess said...

So i'm a loser... we know that...lol. I would give great advice... but you're waiting for me in IM...lol!

Nightowl Mama said...

WOW that's a lot to think about. I think hubby should try to feel company out to see if day time hrs would work out. BUT I do hate leaving my children with sitters too much gloom and doom on the news. Family available to give a hand? Start advertising for clients now but times are hard so no telling who that will go. I wish you both luck.