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Cheli On Saturday, February 28, 2009
OK so I'm going to shoot for a real update.. we'll see if I get to finish it. The weight loss is going awesome. Today is 3 weeks on the phentermine and it seems to be doing wonders. I am exercising 3 days a week, eating right, and drinking almost a gallon of water a day and today I weighed in at 177.0 which 16 lbs less than I weighed 3 weeks ago! WOOO HOOO. It's exciting to have the scale moving in the right direction again. Next Wednesday I go back to the clinic for another month supply and my first offical weigh in.

School is going well. Listening to all the students who have to be there for all the classes complain about the work load they have makes me very happy that I don't have to be there for any but the A&P this semester. We had our first test in A&P 2 today. I got a 95 :) 7 weeks of this semester to go.

Both boys have been sick this week. Really nasty colds. Journey got it far worse than River did but they are both on the mend now which is awesome. River is getting really good at letter recognition of capital letters. He also knows numbers by sight up to 20. We are going to start potty training him sometime in the next week or so. We went out and bought him underwear and a potty chair and we're ready to get him out of diapers. I really think he's ready, I just think he's lazy. So we'll see how it goes. Journey is doing well. He is pushing things all around the house to aide in walking. He is standing unassisted for brief periods of time. Cruising the furniture. He still isn't really talking at all. He babbles dadada all day long but he doesn't know what it means and it's the only sound (other than crying,laughing, shreiking) that makes. It's okay though, it'll come. He's on milk now (no more formula YAY) but still needs it to be thickened so he doesn't choke on it. He has NO interest what so ever on using a sippy cup. But he has discovered the love of food (usually) LOL

Doug and I have decided that we have lost ourselves somewhere along the line so we are going to be taking steps to remedy that. We're going down to one computer and we aren't going to be on it as much. We are going to go out and do things as a couple and as a family much more often. We need it. We are also going to chisel our a routine/schedule for the boys. River used to be on a schedule before Journey was born and the schedule has gotten very very lax since then and I think BOTH boys would very much benefit from the structure of it. We are interviewing a babysitter on Monday for occasional weekends for us so we can go out just the two of us. And we are also interviewing a woman who runs a daycare from her home that will let us bring River 2 or 3 days a week so he can get some socialization and so we can have some time away from him. We might also leave Journey with her once a week or so to get him used to other people (he has major stranger anxiety and seperation anxiety).
His appointment with the genetics center didn't happen.. they didn't get his test results all in in time so we had to reschedule. Their first available date wasn't until April 3rd so that's when we go back.. another LONG MONTH of waiting..

Doug's work is going well. He's working on getting the rest of the CEU's that he needs before his license needs to be renewed in August. He's getting paid more and more each check which is nice. We are moving up on getting bills paid off and getting more stable. It's nice to finally be moving forward.


jessicalflores1@aol.com said...

You are doing awesome with losing weight Cheli! And yay for Journey being done with formula. I'm sure mommy is happy. How fun that River will be going to a school. I bet he has a blast!

prayers4z said...

I wanted to say congrats on the weight loss! That is wonderful!