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Cheli On Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Yet again it's somehow been like 2 weeks since I updated. I don't know how time gets away from me like this. LOL School is going well. About 2 weeks left until the end of the semester. I'm very ready to be done with this semester and these classes. I have an A in every class except for Anatomy and Physiology which is a mid B. I'm hoping I can pull that grade up by semester end and stick with all A's but we'll see.

Doug is going today to give a massage to a friend of mine at her house. She is going to pay him for it too YAY!!! His job has been going well. He's making enough money for us to get bills paid on time or even early in some cases which is great. Next semester he's thinking about working some extra hours to pad our pockets a little more. We'll see if that's actually necessary as we get closer. We filed taxes last week. The IRS accept them and we'll get a refund on the 30th of this month. WOOT!!!! We are very much looking forward to this money. The last few years we've pretty much used all our refund money to pay bills or what not. This year while we are going to use some of it to pay off bills we are going to keep some of us as well. Which will be nice.

River has an Early Intervention appointment scheduled for Feb 2nd. They are going to do a full evaluation of him to see if he qualifies for special help. I'm really hoping he does qualify because he seems to be getting worse with his sensitivity to loud noises. If he gets into the program he gets to start going to a preschool program right away where they will work with him on a daily basis to help him. They will also help us with him and potty training because he still doesn't seem the least bit interested. His hand healed up nicely. It never really bothered him. And we discovered a few days ago that he STILL has lice. So we have been going through the rounds again.. can I just say this getting OLD. He will be 3 years in about 3 weeks. I have no idea where the time went.

Journey is 11 months old now. He's getting so big so fast. He went to his follow up GI appointment on the 7th and they said he is doing exactly what they expect him to be doing at this point. He has some good days and some bad days and that in the next few months they expect the good days to get more frequent and the bad days less frequent. He goes back in April for another follow up. He went for his Genetics appointment on the 14th of this month. She said that she can see some of the physical attributes that would make the doctors think he has Noonan's She said that only someone like a geneticist could see those "differences" though but it's enough to make her wants to do further testing. They'll do gene typing and chromosomal testing. They'll only have to stick him once for blood and they'll run the tests on that sample. And then we'll have to wait. Whether he has an abnormality or not he's supposed to follow up with them in a year. If he does have an abnormality they will bring us back in to discuss the results.. Otherwise he's doing very well. He's eating stage 3 baby foods now, puffs, and biter biscuits. He's doing amazingly well. He sleeps through the night most nights now which is a wonderful change of pace. He goes to bed at 7pm and usually sleeps until 8am the next morning :)


TheSweetOne said...

Looks like our families are very similar - my older boy turned 3 in December and Lauren's 1st birthday will be February 18th!

Thanks for your comment on my blog btw. I tried to email you directly but the aol address gave me a "does not exist" error...

What an armload of appointments you have with the two of them!

Keep us posted!

~Robyn and Lauren