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Cheli On Thursday, January 22, 2009
Two posts in one week... don't you feel special LOL

I took Journey to his speech therapy appointment yesterday *he goes once a week*. Which I learned yesterday is actually called "feeding therapy" since they focus on feeding skills and related issues and not on speech or sounds. Whatever. She said that he is doing AMAZINGLY well from where he was when he started going 5 months ago. YAY! She said he is making really good "chewing" motions with his mouth when he has food in it. She tried a few puffs with him and he didn't gag (major improvement over just 2 or 3 weeks ago) and she got a toddler cookie and held it for him while he kind of chewed on it. She said he needs to start working toward weaning off the bottle, tried to give him some formula from an open ended cup. He choked, sputtered, dribbled, and got SOME down. She was very happy at how open he was to the new textures.

When we first got there she tried to have him sit in her lap which he does every week. This time he went NUTS the instant he was out of my arms. She tried to persuade him with a toy and he turned his head away and reached for me. Once she handed him back to me, he was peachy. Can we say stranger anxiety? Does it still count as stranger anxiety if she's not technically a stranger? LOL

Anyway.. she said she is concerned that he doesn't use his hands more. He doesn't have very good fine motor coordination and he spends alot of time with his hands fisted up. I told her about him having a scheduled appointment with EI for evaluation on the 10th of next month. She was pleased. She said she believes he would benefit from speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy in addition to the feeding therapy. *sigh* I am SOOOOOO sick of appointments and specialists.