Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, October 10, 2008
Where to begin....
So after I weighed in I balloned up to 178.4. We joined the Y and I have started going at least 5 days a week to walk and 3 days a week I am doing weight training to help get into shape. I weighed in this morning and I am back down to 175.6. Not wonderful but at least now I'm moving in the right direction, right? *sigh* trying not to get discouraged. I went last Tuesday and took my pharmacology test. You had to get a 57 on it to pass and it was graded on a pass or fail type thing. I got a 63 so I passed. And that means I will get credit for the pharmacology class I took while I was in school for my PN license. So now all that is left is to iron out the details with financial aide. Which hopefully will be next week.
Doug went last Saturday for his deep tissue class. So now he is certified in deep tissue which will hopefully mean they can start booking him for deep tissue. He also heard back about the scheduling.. he will work Tuesday through Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 1pm to 6pm and have Sunday and Monday off. So we won't need to worry about daycare for the boy which is a huge relief (and money saver). Hopefully he'll find out today when the new schedule will go into effect.
We took both boys to the doctor this week because they are sick. River has an ear infection for the first time since he was 11 months old and had tubes put in his ears. According to the doctor, the tubes don't look to be in place anymore.. lovely. He is 34 lbs and 41 inches tall. He's HUGE. He still isn't listening at all. Which is really beginning to grate on my nerves. Time outs don't seem to phase him anymore and I really don't want to use spanking as a form of discipline so I'm really at a loss of what to do with him. Everyone keeps saying this is a phase but I really don't know how to get him to get past this... alive.
Journey went to the pediatrician on Monday where she said he has another upper respiratory infection. He's a miserable little boy. He is 19 lbs even now. WOOT. Tuesday he had to be at the children's hospital for his Barium Swallow to figure out what's going on inside him with the acid reflux and what not. We found out 2 things.. 1) he has severe acid reflux.. every time he eats it immediate starts to come back up but is forced back down when he takes another swallow. 2) whenever he eats he is aspirating some of the food into his lungs. She said that he HAS to have rice cereal or some other thickener added to his food which means we are done breast feeding.. :( He has to have 1 1/2 teaspoons of rice cereal added to every ounce of formula. All liquids from now until otherwise noted need to be a honey consistancy. He has also been refered to a speech pathologist for therapy to learn how to swallow and to learn how to take solids. The pediatrician said that if he isn't sitting up and crawling by 9 months she wants to refer him to a physical therapist or occupational therapist for evaluation as well. *sigh*
In other news.. he won't sleep in his bed. Or I should say he won't fall asleep in his bed. He'll fall good and asleep when he's being held or when he's on our bed but not when we put him in his crib. And if we lay him down in his crib too soon after him falling asleep he wakes up. At 8 months old he's only getting about 8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. He refuses to nap during the day and doesn't sleep well at night. He's such an over tired little boy.
This week we got caught up on the Dell account. Which means we are officially caught up on all bills for the moment.. YAY! Hopefully that lasts.