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Cheli On Monday, October 13, 2008
So I have started making Journey large batches of formula and keeping them in the fridge. I'll make 32 oz at a time and keep it because it's easier than trying to make individual bottles as needed with the thickening that needs to happen. So this morning I made up a batch to specifications.. Let me break it down for you.. for 32 oz of formula (approximately 1 1/2 days worth of food) Journey needs:
16 scoops of Nutrimagen
32 oz of water and one of these:

Yes that's right... 8 oz of rice cereal for 32 oz of formula.. Which means we go through approximately 8 cans of formula a month and 20-21 of the above rice cereal containers. For those that don't know.. Nutrimagen formula is 27.00 a can. Rice cereal is 2.50 a container.
Breastmilk was free.
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