Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, October 24, 2008
It's been like 2 weeks since I updated but it feels like it's been about 2 years with all that has happened in the last 2 weeks.. so here we go...

I weighed in this week at 174.6.. so another lb down. I don't understand why I seem to be stuck at this weight. It's frustrating. But at least it's not going up anymore. I went on Tuesday and met with financial aid and got it squared away. Found out tha t I got more in credit then I thought I did so the program will cost less than I thought it would. YAY! Then today I got my acceptance letter in the mail. WOOO HOOOO. Orientation is in 13 days. School starts in 17 days. WOW. I can't wait!!!!My acceptance letter.
6 months of weight loss... First one is me back in April and 2nd one is me just a few days ago.
Doug got a new schedule at work that I think will work a lot better for us. He works 5 to 10pm Tuesday through Friday and 1pm to 6pm on Saturday then he's off on Sunday and Monday. My schooling for the first semester will have me at school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8 am to 2pm. So this way we won't have to put the boys in daycare especially Journey because it's just not an option at this point.

Which brings me to Journey.. Last Friday Journey went in for a GI appointment.. the ended up doing some blood work to try and see if he has any allergies or even celiac disease. We'll get the results on November 7th when he goes back. So we came home from that and Journey felt hot to me so I checked his temp and it was 103.1 so I gave him motrin. Shortly after, he had a seizure. I called Doug and told him he need to come home but he was in the middle of a massage so I couldn't get ahold of him. 30 minutes later he had another seizure. This time I got a hold of Doug and he came home and we took Journey up to the children's hospital ER to be evaluated. We ended up waiting in the waiting room for almost 4 hours.. While we were waiting he had a 3rd seizure. We got back in the ER and they ran some tests to rule out all the obvious problems and then decided that because he had 3 seizures and has all these other issues they wanted to admit him to just make sure everything was okay. So from Friday to Monday he was in the hospital for observation. On Saturday they decided to do a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis and started him on some IV antibiotics while we waited.. 48 hours.. to see if the cultures grew anything. On Sunday the attending noticed a bulge between his eyes when he gets upset.. he thinks there is a possibility to might be an encephlocele. A pocket of brain matter coming through a spot in his skull that didn't close properly. So he has been referred for an MRI as soon as we can get one set up.. they weren't comfortable doing one while we were there because it means he has to be sedated. He also brought to our attention that Journey has a lot of markers for a genetic disorder called Noonan's syndrome so he has now also been referred to a geneticist for further testing. Monday he came home and has seemed fine ever since.

Today he went to the speech pathologist evaluation and they determined that basically when he's eating he is losing his coordination to suck/swallow/breathe. So we need to teach him how to do so. They gave us some techniques to try to help him handle foods but said we can't really work on that until we know what his tummy issues are all about. So she gave us some very basic exercises to try. He goes back every week for now for therapy. She also said that his tongue is tied. How it's possible that no one else has noticed this is beyond me.. so now she wants him to see an ENT (I know yet another specialist) to see about getting his tongue clipped (either now or in the future). *sigh*
One positive.. Journey is army crawling now!!! YAY!!!

River is doing okay. His behavior isn't improving any but everyone says it starts to get better around 3 or shortly after... so hopefully. Until then we'll continue to love him and try and guide him to make better choices with his behavior.