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Cheli On Sunday, August 26, 2007

This post is gonna be huge...

We went to a place called O2BKids yesterday (go to o2bkids.com for more info) It's basically an indoor play center. They have a toddler room, a costume room, a kitchenette room, a wall climbing apparatice for the big kids, a building zone with legos and block and lincoln log type things, educational computers, rooms for art and science activities, and then a big room called "the big toy" which is basically an indoor jungle gym type thing. It was pretty awesome. It was 8 dollars for the baby to have all day access and Doug and I got in free as his chaperones. We were able to leave to take him home for lunch and a nap and then come back for another few hours. All and all I think we spent a good 4 hours there. :) We took LOTS of pics...

Here is daddy and River coming out of the slide (the slide goes from the top of the climbing center *4 floors* all the way to the ground. It's a twisty slide. River wanted to go again and again and by the end of the day could figure out how to get all the way up to it by himself (as long as he had one of us to help lift him up the landings that he wasn't quite tall enough for.

FunDay 013

River on the second floor of the climbing toy looking down at mommy.

FunDay 011

In the toddler room, I just liked the picture for the picture of his eyes, he looks goofy LOL

FunDay 001

Playing with one of the toys in the toddler room.

FunDay 002

Deep in concentration about some activity.. I liked the way the picture came out

FunDay 004

River and Daddy. I think daddy had as much if not MORE fun than River did LOL

FunDay 005

River standing inside of a smaller climbing area. The area is called the "Book Nook"and older kids during the weekly after school program can go in there with a book and just read... River was climbing all over it

FunDay 006

Looking through the window at mommy

FunDay 007

Playing with daddy from the top of the book nook.

FunDay 009

Standing at the top of the stairs in the book nook. The stairs are just his size and he was able to practice going up and down them on his own :)

FunDay 010

Inside the climbing apparatice on the 3rd floor, scaling the wall (it's on about a 45 degree incline, he was coming back down)

FunDay 014

Playing with a few of the toys in the toddler room until we had to take them away because he was swinging them around LOL

FunDay 015

Collecting toys :)

FunDay 016

Trying to figure out how to get into the box of toys... he ended up bringing it to mommy to have it opened..

FunDay 017

Playing with legos at the legos station

FunDay 021

FunDay 022

Various shots of the baby inside the climbing center :)

FunDay 023

FunDay 025