Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday River went to a speech therapist to have an evaluation done. The pediatrician was concerned that he wasn't saying enough words yet. She said that he should be saying 8 words or more clearly enough that a stranger could understand what he was saying.. he isn't. So we went for the evaluation. She asked about 100 questions, played some with River, and decided that he isn't very speech delayed by their standards and said that normally she wouldn't even recommend seeing him yet but wait until he turned 2 to see if there is an improvement but because of his extensive history with ear infections she thought it might be a good idea to give him a little push now, just in case. So she wants to see him twice a week for the next month and see how he is doing at that time. She gave us a few pointers on what we could do to help him talk more and we've been implementing those suggestions at the house and have asked the daycare to do the same. She said that the temper tantrums he throws are probably mostly due in part to frustration which is normal with any pre-language child and that the techniques she is going to teach him and us will help dramatically with the outbursts... that would be much appreciated. It appears my son has inhereited my temper :)

We are adding dairy into River's diet slowly but surely. He is pretty much on any dairy product in moderation except for MILK itself. He still gets Soy for that and I am very much debating going half and half next week with the milk to see how he does with it. I've also thought about just leaving him with the Soy until he turns 2 and then phasing him over to reduced fat milk at 2. Or maybe just leaving him with soy permenantly. Isn't it supposed to be better for them anyway? Hmmm.....

I got fluffy mail (ie cloth diapers) in the mail today. I've been waiting on the package for almost a week so I was delighted to recieve it. It was 3 dozen prefolds that I ordered through a co-op which means they were an extremely good price for brand new prefolds. We now have a grand total of 2 dozen preemie prefolds and 2 dozen infant prefolds. I think I might need another dozen of each before I'm done. I've decided we're going to go with Kissaluv proraps for the newborn stage with this one. They have cut outs for the umbilical cord and are supposed to have a really trim fit. Once she/he goes to smalls we're going to more than likely go exclusively with WWB covers from then on. I REALLY liked the WWB covers prints and the way they worked. I'm going to buy the proraps sometime soon as those are gender neutral but I'm going to wait on the smalls until I know the sex of the baby.

I went today for an NCLEX review at my school. Basically it's just a bunch of NCLEX questions that we discuss as a group to understand the test taking strategies that would work best on the test. I found out that once we recieve the letter of reciept of information we should recieve our approval to test with in about 2 weeks. I recieved mine last week. So essentially I could be testing for the NCLEX sometime next week or the week after. YAY!!!!!! Then I can start working! YAY!!!!!!!!

In other exciting news.. if we can figure out a way to swing it, we'll be coming up to the K-ville area for Yule this year. I'm really hoping we can figure out a way to be up there for a Saturday night so Doug and I can show up at Temple's new venue and see everyone. WE MISS YOU ALL!!!!!! And if not, we'll be making rounds up there to meet up with everyone so if we don't have your number and you want to get together drop us a line before then :)