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Cheli On Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's been a while since I updated... let's see.... I have been on spring break since the 16th. River was SICK SICK SICK all that weekend. Puking, diarrhea and all sorts of other wonderful nasties. I had the wonderful joy of being puked on 4 times. Monday he was doing much better but still not 100% so we kept him home from the daycare and pumped him full of pedilyte. We were scheduled to go up to Tennessee on Tuesday and decided that we didn't want to miss the trip just because River wasn't quite 100% so we went on up Monday night. By Tuesday other than not really eating much he was completely fine. It took us about 10 hours to get up to Knoxville. I HATE that drive but it was worth it. We stayed with R and K while we were up there and it was most enjoyable. They both enjoyed River immensely and he really took to them as well. We got to see my friend Trixie and her little girl who is 5 weeks younger than River, we got to see pryjmaty, Abby and Sarah and were schedule to see the Seekers the day we left but being that my wonderful AF showed up for the first time really since I got pregnant with River and was kicking my butt we decided to head back early. We're hoping to be able to come back up there for another visit sometime in the summer and then will be making the move back up there end of this year or beginning of next year. YAY. We went back by our old apartment complex and showed them the baby and talked to them about renting a 2 bedroom apartment once we come back. They were ALL about it. Said to contact them about 3 months before we want to move back up there and we can do everything over the phone and through the mail and they'll get us all set up :)

Tomorrow is back to the daily life and responsbility blah blah blah... I don't want to! My week went by way too quick. It's okay though I have a 4 day break April 12th through the 15th so that will be nice. Doug and I just spent the last hour and a half cleaning the house. It was a mess. I don't remember it being that messy when we left :X oops. Once I'm done updating you wonderful people I'm off to go study for my midterm for Tuesday. Oh the fun...

Anyway... here are some pictures for you....

Here is River and his girlfriend Makaylee the last time we were up there (River was 3 months, Makaylee was 2 months)

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Here they are now...sizing each other up... River at 13 1/2 months and Makaylee at 12 months

Pics 016

Fast friends ;)

Pics 018

River checking out his new bear that K bought him while we were up there. He LOVES the bear

Pics 028

Driving back he got upset so I gave him some warm milk... this is what happened 5 minutes later....

Pics 031

Later the same night he woke up and was upset so I handed him his bear... and this is what happened...

Pics 032