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Cheli On Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm done for the weekend... thank the gods.

I've been fighting being sick for the last 3 days. I'm super nauseated ALL day and then right before bed I start to feel a little bit better but by then I'm too tired to think about staying up to enjoy it. *sigh* Maybe I'll actually try taking some of that Mona Vie stuff I have. A whole bottle of it and I haven't touch it. I can't afford to be sick. We just started 2 new classes on Thursday and both instructors have informed us that there will be a quiz every day.. fun fun. We've already had a quiz in both classes.. I've gotten 100 on both of them. YAY. About time I'm getting my ass in gear in getting the grades I should be.

River has been sick for over a week now. He was sent home from daycare on Thursday because he had diarrhea. Was gone by Saturday. Tuesday he woke up very congested but sounded better by the end of the day. Wednesday he was fine all day but woke up 2 hours after he went to bed sweating badly, 103.1 fever, and puked was up until almost 3. Woke up Thursday and was all better (according to Doug) and went to daycare.. was told by the daycare when I picked him up that his fever was hovering just under 101 most of the day took him home, took his temp.. 102.8 and was all congested again. Put the vaporizer in his room and gave him some anti-histimines.. he slept until 11:45pm and woke up screaming.. cuddled with Mommy on the couch until almost 1 and then went to sleep.. woke up about 2 and daddy got him.. Daddy says he woke up this morning and had no fever etc etc and so he went to daycare. *sigh* He goes to the doctor Monday for a recheck of his ears and his congestion.

Doug sent me an e-mail a little while ago from work. he's got what I have. It's gonna be a fun weekend. He might be taking a few hours leave and coming home early. *sigh* And here I thought we were going to get lucky and not get the sickies this season. Oh well..