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Cheli On Friday, August 4, 2006

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Week 3 is done. YAY!!! We got another test grade in A&P today.. I got a 92. My average is now like a 95 or something, not that it matters because the final makes up 50%. Finaly is on Friday. Math sucks.. we had our first test in it yesterday.. they are multiple choice math test.. WTH??? Who the hell gives multiple choice math tests?? And there were a bunch of errors on the test and the questions were worded weird but the teacher wigged out when everyone didn't do as well as she expected. I got an 88. Whatever.. I've gotten 2 chapters worth of work back in that class.. a 100 on the first and a 94 on the second.. she completely picks it apart.. any little error she finds (including labeling your answers) she deducts for it. UGHHH. And we have her for the next 3 classes or next month and a half.. FUN FUN. *sigh* It's all good.. it's FRIDAY!

We are going over to a friends house tomorrow to go swimming in her pool.. hopefully River will like it more than he did in the spring fed pool because it won't be as cold. We're going to BBQ or something. Should be fun :) The Sunday we are all going to Linda's work to help her get caught up because they took away her over time and what not so she's going in on her time off because she can't stand to be so far behind :( I told her we'd come and help her.