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Cheli On Saturday, February 27, 2010
It is official! I am done with my Associate Degree in Nursing and am officially a graduate nurse!
The pinning was Thursday night and it was absolutely beautiful. I had the honor of leading the class and all nurses in attendance in reciting the Florence Nightengale Pledge. It was great! I am so glad to be done with school. Now on to growing these babies and making it as far in the pregnancy as I can. Here are some pictures from the ceremony...

Me all dolled up for the pinning ceremony

Getting capped

We were saying the Nurse's Prayer

A view of most everyone in attendance

The RN Class of 2010!
The Caps, Pins and Lamps waiting to be handed out

The Director of the nursing program. Ms. Elekes addressing the graduates

Close up of Mrs. Elekes

The 19 very excited and very happy Graduate Nurses!