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Cheli On Friday, February 19, 2010
Hard to believe that my big boys are growing up so fast!

Today was well child check up day.

River is HUGE.
Height-- 43 1/2 inches
Weight-- 47 lbs

He's off the chart for height and at the 97th for weight.
We told her about our concerns with his behavior in school during circle time. She is referring him to a child behaviorist to see if there is something we can do to calm him down before it really becomes in issue (like when he starts Kindergarten). She said it sounds like he KNOWS better he just doesn't care to actually DO better. Sounds about right.

He got 2 shots today. It was a whole lot harder holding him down then it is to hold Journey down each month because he knew what was coming. Poor kid. He did well though. Screamed during it but was over it pretty quickly and now he's good to go for school and won't have to get another shot until he's 11. Thank God!

Journey's stats are:

Height-- 33 1/2 inches
Weight-- 27 lbs even

Which is 36th percentile for weight and 23rd percentile for height (75% on the adjusted NS charts).
This visit however went down as another sick visit. He was running a 101.8 temp at the doctors office. The ear infection he has had for 2 weeks is still not gone so he is now on another antibiotic. We have an appointment to see the ENT on April 19th to set a surgery date for tube placement. Poor kid.


TheSweetOne said...

Yeah poor kid. but how about poor mom! You are very strong lady. Dealing with two 'monsters', yet another round of meds and morning sickness to boot!