Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Sunday, September 14, 2008
So I was informed that I HAD to come here and write an update so while I have a minute I figured I would come here and write an update.

Let's see... not much to report on me.. I started my first period since conceiving Journey in May 07 and I'm miserable and bloated so I didn't weigh in this week. I also didn't weigh in last week because we were out of town which I'll get into later.. I go on Tuesday for my NET exam for nursing school. Wish me luck. She said if I do as well I did when I got into the PN program I'll have no problem getting in this time either. I hope thats the case. I spoke with her last week and she gave me some more details on the program.. namely the approximate cost. It's going to cost approximately 30,000 dollars for the full program. This includes books, scrubs, application to test, application to the board of the nursing and a bunch of other things so it's not THAT bad but considering my student loans are currently totalling in 13,500 dollars with out this program added in.. we're looking at heafty student loans once my education is completed.. especially if I go for another 2 years after this for my Master's.

Doug is still plugging away at work. Severely underpaid. I'm trying to get him to realize that he could either a) be making much better money in a month than he is or b) be working a ton less hours than he is currently if he would try to find somewhere else to work. He doesnt seem to get that. Due to various reasons through the last month and a half that he's been working at Massage Envy this will be like his 2nd or 3rd week that he's actually completed every day and not had to take time off. BLAH.

River is the most infuriating kiddo I know. He can be so endearing sometimes with some of the things he says and then at other times he just pushes every last button and makes me SO angry. He back talks all the time now "No MOMMY! " "NO I don't wanna" and when he gets in trouble he rolls his eyes and says "GEEZ". He has identified McDonald's as the french fry place and every time he sees a McDonald's he says "Look look it's french fries" this made for a very long drive when we went out of town last week. I think he has McDonald's Radar. We joked that he could spot a McDonald's 3 miles away and down 3 blocks. LOL He still won't sleep in his room very well but now we know why.. our son is afraid of the dark. We were leaving his light on at night.. all night.. and that seems to work but his light blew out last night so we put a table lamp in there that is not quite as bright he had a hard time falling asleep but he did stay asleep once he fell asleep. I hope he'll outgrow this stage. He is up to 29 in counting now. He gets hung up on the 30, 40, 50 thing still but can do the "straight aways" really easily now. He's gotten great at UNdressing himself but not so hot at dressing himself.

Journey will be 7 MONTHS tomorrow.. Yes that's right folks.. it's been 7 months already.. can you believe it?? He had to go to the pediatrician last week because we are still having issues with his tummy and his acid reflux and he weighed in at a whooping 17 lbs 6 oz and 26 3/4 inches long. YAY!!! he's growing like a weed now. He's been referred to a gastro doctor for evaluation because he's doing a ton of spitting up/throwing up after every bottle and he's just miserable a good majority of the time. He's still having a hard time sleeping at night even with his bed at a 45 degree angle. He rolls everywhere now, can pivot himself around to go any direction he wants and then rolls to whatever it is he wants. It's his mode of transportation now. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks from time to time but can't figure out how to go in a forward motion yet... soon though I think. We are still breastfeeding.. at least 3 times a day. he's getting Nutrimagen supplements as well because I'm having supply issues but that's okay at least he's gettign what breast milk I can give him. It really seems to be helping too (at least that's what I tell myself) he's had no real sickies other other the 2 that I can't do anythign about (acid reflux and his heart). He squeals, coos, giggles and smiles all the time. He doesn't take naps..nope not at all. He sleeps roughly 10 minutes from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed at night. And by the evening time he's a total crab pot.

Now for the trip. As you know Tropical Storm Fay came through Jacksonville and dumped a ton of rain and lots of wind on us.. well she also put a hole in our roof and let in a lot of water. We called a roofer out to get an estimate and we were informed that not only do we have a hole in our roof but we have black mold in our ceiling... lovely. For those that don't know, black mold is deadly. Especially to the young, old, and sick. Journey classifies as 2 of them so really we couldnt' stay here. We decided to go up north on an inpromptu vacation to visit friends. We stayed with R and K while we were there and had a great time visiting other friends. We saw Stacy and Makaylee. MaKaylee is River's age and is absolutely adorable (see below). We saw Missy and Jim.We saw Mo and her beautiful children and her kitties (whom River talked about for hours). And we went to Gatlinburg for a day to walk around and sight see which was soo much fun. We came home last Sunday and Doug went back to work Wednesday. The roof is fixed, the ceiling fixed.. Everything is good again. Now for pictures..

River trying on daddy's work shirt LOL

River playing basketball at Stacy's house. he thought this was just SO cool because we don't let him play with balls in the house.

Tuckered out on the couch at R and K's house the first night we were there.

River and Makaylee getting into mischeif

How YOU doin' :)

Daddy and Journey

Look at that smile!

Sitting in the big chair by himself.

Makaylee being cute :)

All 3 kiddos.