Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Sunday we had an awesome day. We started the day by taking the boys to the zoo in the morning for about 3 hours... River was SO much fun to watch this time around because he was much more aware of he animals etc and really enjoyed it. We left before it got too hot and came home for some lunch and a few minutes down time before we drove to Daytona beach to meet a friend of mine from the March 08 message board I'm on. He got to play in the ocean and sand for a while and had a BLAST we will definately be going back to the beach here soon. Journey got to meet a little girl who is actually smaller and younger than him LOL Miley is 5 weeks younger than him and about 2 1/2 lbs less ( We got him weighed today BTW and he was 13 lbs even :) ) LOL. There are TONS of pictures so here are a few :) ENJOY!

Here is a Cheetah :) Or as River calls it "Kitty" LOL

And an Elephant. River can name this one and will also tell you the sound it makes accompanied by raising his arm into the area like a trunk. It is so cute!

Journey and I. ( I am getting better and better at the sling and he LOVES it, it is almost instant baby coma every time he goes in.

River admiring the fish. He was totally impressed and didn't want to leave the tank to see anything else.

No trip to the Jacksonville Zoo would be complete with out seeing the Jaguars ;)

LOL and some monkeys. Again ask River what sound a monkey makes and he can tell you :)

He was SO excited by the ocean. He was shaking he was so excited. He was a little ball of endless energy is was ALL over the place

Playing in the waves. The water was cool but not cold and the tide was just starting to come in. A wave would come in and as it was going back out he would lose his balance and end up falling over and he's laugh uncontrollably and then get up and do it again.

Sifting the sand with daddy

Daddy showing off his "Survivor Man" skills. LOL

Where's Journey???

LOL River AFTER the water. LOL He kept stealing EVERYONE'S soda.

Journey and his friend Miley. The would not look at each other at all LOL

LOL she popped him right in the face... blanket time was over after that LOL