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Cheli On Thursday, September 20, 2007
Let the waiting game begin... I took my exam this morning. The computer cut off at 85 questions which is the bare minimum that it can give you. You can have up to 205 questions. It took me just about an hour to take the test. It took longer to drive to the testing site then it did to take the exam LOL. I know of 4 people in my class that have already taken and passed the exam :) 2 other people besides me have taken it today and we'll find out on Saturday whether we passed or not. One of the other people that tested today also got 85 questions. When I spoke with my DON she told me that she had never had someone have the computer shut off at 85 questions and not pass the test. :) She of course says she has no worries that I passed the exam.. I wish I felt as confident as she does about it LOL. I felt dumb. I felt like I didn't know anything! And that scares me. I keep holding on the fact that it cut off at 85 questions... *sigh* so the wait begins! Cross your fingers, say a prayer, whatever you do.. that I pass this test.