Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm really frustrated. I got a call on Monday from one of my class mates. She and a few others got their approval to test in their e-mails. So I rushed to the computer and pulled up my e-mail account, heart pounding because it might FINALLY be there.... NOPE! UGHHHHHHH So she gives me the number to the Florida Board of Nursing and says she has been calling them every other day to find out if the approval to test has gone through yet. So I got off the phone and call the Florida Board and the woman that handles my "team" (they go by first letter of your last name) said that they are on applications received on the 15th of August and they didn't receive mine until the 24th of August. I don't know how that is when they were over nighted on the 17th but whatever. She said to call back in a few days and check again. *sigh* I want it to come. My friend from class said that she called the testing center hear in Jacksonville and there is NO wait. You can test next day once you get your approval to test. She is waiting until next week so she can get in some last minute studying. Maybe I'll get it sometime this week or next so that I can test next week as well. Goddess knows we need the money :(

Another frustrating situation is we signed up for clearwire internet service 3 weeks ago. We were told upon sign up that with in 2 weeks of signing up we would receive a 75 dollar Visa Web Certificate usuable on the web anywhere that Visa is accepted. YAY. After 2 weeks of not getting it we called clearwire. The gentleman tells us that it takes 15-30 days. UGHHHH again. Here it is at 3 week and 2 days after signing up and still no damn card. I'm not happy. Doug already told me I could use the card to start our diaper stash for the peanut and I'm watching all these awesome diaper deals pass me by because they are taking forever. WHY can't people hurry the heck up??? BLAH

Other than being desperate for a job so we can start climbing out of the hell that is our debt.. life is going okay. River is 19 months old now (turned 19 months old yesterday). And I am 15 weeks pregnant. WOO HOOO. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going! Seems like I just found out I was pregnant and it's been almost 12 weeks! I am feeling the baby move alot more recently. It's starting to feel like movements and not just flutters or gas :) YAY! I almost feel pregnant now LOL Doug just finished his second mod today. He starts his 3rd Mod on Monday. So he has a LONG weekend this weekend. YAY! No idea what we'll do other than annoy the crap out of each other but whatever. 2 Mods down, 7 to go :) I'm so proud of him!