Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Saturday, May 5, 2007

River is sick again... not that this really comes as a surprise to anyone because it seems like he gets sick in cycles. Sick for a few days or a week, feel better for a week or two, sick for a few days or a week... etc.. Yesterday I got a call from the daycare that River was running a 101.6 temp. He had to be picked up. So I pick him up and bring him home and his temp it 102.5. I put him down for a nap until we had to leave to go to his ENT appointment.

The ENT checked his ears which look perfect and then checked his throat and says he has "thick white patches on his tonsils". She did a throat culture right there to test for Group A Strep and drew up paperwork for a bunch of lab work. So we had to go to Baptist Medical Center last night to have it drawn. She is checking to see if there is something going on with his immune system that is causing him to get sick so much.

The blood draw was HORRIBLE. I've been in the room when other kids have had blood draws. I've had to help hold down other babies who needed blood work.. but there is something about holding down your own kid and looking in his face as he screams and begs for "mama". And You are mama. He broke my heart but I didn't cry. The lady who drew the blood had a really hard time... River has the "battle wounds" to prove it. She got him in one arm once, the hand twice, and the other arm twice before she was able to get a good vein and we were able to keep him still. I never want to go through that again :( As soon as it was over I gave him a sippie cup of milk and rocked him and by the time we hit the hallway to leave he was chattering away.

We didn't get home from the hospital yesterday until 9:30. River was in bed by 10 and is just getting up now. Here's hoping he feels better today.